Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

Yi 情 (Yi Qing)
(-a BluZoo project)
Chengdu, China 2021
installation, acrylic painting 
7m x 4.1 x 6.5 m (23ft x  13ft x  21ft)

The word 情(qing) in Chinese is a word made of a character that means the heart. It refers to a spectrum of feeling, love, and emotion and contains meanings for connection, entanglement, and empathy. However, it could also be used to describe a situation, an objectivity, but with a sense of urgency. In China, COVID-19, the pandemic, is composed in word as 疫情 (Yi Qing).

In the installation,  the character "Qing" is further dismantled and separated into hand-drawn Chinese totems  on individual acrylic panel. They are hanged vertically in the middle of the installation. The virus-like balloons around it further distort while mirror the environment with their reflectional surfaces.

As the viewers join the installation, all these elements altogether create a parallel parody of the experience we had/have/will have in the time of the pandemic. When Qing is dismantled/reinterpreted, where are we in the situation?