Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

Hall Auditoriu, OH, USA 2020
co-installer, video editor
Projection mapping, single-projector, color, sound
90ft x 40ft outdoor wavy facade

     This work is both my exploration of projection mapping technology and my experiment on public space installation. I transform the 27m x 12m(90ft x 40ft) wavy white facade into a moving canvas at night. By projecting a video illustrating my mental state during a panic attack diving in the ocean, I juxtapose this private experience with the collective viewing setting. Audiences are presented with the option of wearing bluetooth headphones to be further immersed. The curved wall reinforces the sense of visual distortion of the near-death experience highlighted in the video projection.

    River and water have often been used in Chinese literary contexts to symbolize the mother of one land and/or culture. Influenced by it, I treat water as a crucial visual theme for my art creation.  It sometimes appears as the placenta fluid in the womb that nurtures new life, sometimes as tears coming out due to fear or pain during the rite of passage , or The Waters of Lethe in Chinese mythology that the dead need to cross in order to incarnate. Water, with its fluid tenderness and allegorical power, always fascinates me. It resembles forms of being that I am aspired to become-- never limiting itself to one rigid shape, always flowing and transforming.