Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

指|甲 Secondary | Armour
October 2021-now
NCP chip, nail gel, water color
Co-creator, art director

As a speculative design, the project builds tools for feminists and womxn in China to safely revitalize their community amidst the environment of increasing censorship. It consists of both a nail chip and a phone app that work as a duo protection. The nail chip, hidden by nail gel and polish, contains user’s location information and registration code to access the app. The app, which is camouflaged as a regular nail appointment app, would be activated in the presence of a nail chip and become a hidden net and map for users to see nearby feminists and receive future gathering notification.

The project uses technology as a means of connection and emotional support, subverting the abuse of the same technology that is used by governments and corporations to control behavior.