Laura Dudu 嘟嘟


摇滚元宵 Rock n‘ Roll YuanXiao
July 30th 2022
OPERA America, NYC, NY
Sticky rice flour, 10ft x 7ft canvas, water, black sesame, sugar, vegetable oil
Participatory, performance 

YuanXiao 元宵 is a festival dessert consumed mostly by people who live in Northern regions in Chinese. People make and eat them on occasions like family reunions. Its round shape and sweetness often symbolize “回家,團圓,連結coming together, reuniting, and connecting”.

In Rock n’ Roll YuanXiao performance, 18 participants are tasked with a 10ft x 7ft blanket holding over 100 YaunXiao balls and sticky-rice powder. Participants collectively balance the blanket to roll the YuanXiao and have them evenly covered with sticky-rice powder. Through this workshop, we investigate our relationship between labor, food making, and community-(re)building in the era when fragmentation and isolation dominate our feelings of social life. As feminists and artists, when we design the activity and/or performance, we encourage all of our performers/audience/community members to reflect upon the hidden domestic labor and care often provided by women and other marginalized members.