Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

Re-Remember Us
Tokyo, Japan 2019
single channel projection mapping, animation, sound, color
fish sculpture: 6 inch x 4 inch

     Re-Remember Us, an experimental animation and projection-mapping project, examines the fragility of memory and resilience of familial bonds. After hearing from my mother that my beloved grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I started to look back at my home DV clips and rotoscoped the parts of me and him. By slowing down the speed and contemplating on each frame, I felt I was sent back to the past and reconnected with him despite the thousands of miles of physical distance between us.

    This personal exploration was transformed into a public projection-mapping experience when I encountered Nagasawa’s sculptural works of sea creatures. With the Chinese myth of goldfish only having 7-second of memory, his giant goldfish artwork made of white foam reminds me of my grandfather who is facing up to the possibility of dementia. I interlaced the rotoscoped home DV frames with animation based on the details of the sculpture. In the installation, the goldfish appears alive transforming into different shapes, abstract or figurative.  It swims between the past and present, emotions and dreams. With sporadic ambient music, this piece provides a soft space for the audience to ruminate about their family relationship and intimate memory.