Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

On the Other Side
(-a BluZoo project)
Tokyo, Japan 2020
Installer, animator
projection mapping, interactive installation, 2 projectors, sound, color
40ft x 16ft indoor wall

    The night event is an interactive video installation on a 12m x 5m (40ft x 16ft) wall, involving motion-sensor camera and projection mapping. With a looped video of hundreds of received submissions flying around in the background, we mapped 6 animated windows as the core elements. Once an audience approaches the window, the motion sensor will detect their movement and trigger the animation to start. The window will appear open and show a video behind. Each video is taken from the view through the participant's window. These videos intentionally seize the audience’s attention and invite them to pursue  the stories behind. The wall in On the Other Side, does not divide people, rather, it opens virtual portals of connection and contemplation.