Laura Dudu 嘟嘟

No Such Sunrise
USA 2018
co-director, co-editor, co-cinematographer, animator
HD video, animation, color, sound

       Unlike my past works which are heavily coded with obscured visuals, this movie invites understanding and embraces connections without reservations. It progresses with two threads of narratives. One evolves around memory--interviews of people who also witnessed this horrifying incident; another follows my stream of consciousness, animation illustrating my unfathomable emotions and inner thoughts. I weave these two separate story-spaces with over 4000 hand-colored frames from my iPhone and the police’s body-cam. These tangible strokes throughout the movie soothe the unsettling nature of the story, creating a safe space for the audience to ponder and reflect. While maintaining a first-person perspective, No Such Sunrise raises questions about the cultural and social structures that may have produced these unpleasant experiences.

Kinoki Film Festival
Big Shoulders International Film Festival -Best Documentary Film
CineYouth Film Festival - BEST OVERALL FILM AWARD
Ohio Shorts Film Festival - JURY AWARD
North Dakota Human Rights Film Festival- Finalist
Social World Film Festival - Semi-Finalist
Ivy Film Festival - Official Selection
Roxbury International Film Festival - Official Selection
Oberlin College
Sensing Surveillance Student Exhibition